Inspection Camera/CCTV

Armed with the latest CCTV video inspection equipment, we are able to visually see exactly what is happening within the pipework to determine a solution to any issue you maybe encountering.

We are able to locate and pinpoint the exact location and depth of the issue underground giving greater accuracy if rectification works need to be undertaken. This accuracy takes the guess work out of quoting the repair, thus Saving you money!

Drainage inspections can be carried out giving you a complete and thorough report of the condition of your pipework where:

– An issue may be present due to a Blockage or water backing up and overflowing.
– When Buying a new property to give you piece of mind that your storm water and sewerage systems are working correctly and efficiently.
– Post new build where pipework may have been damaged due to other trades on site Eg: star pickets, Concrete trucks driving over soft ground.

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