Split System Deep Clean

Does your air conditioner smell bad?

Split systems during the summer and winter months really get a thorough workout with Australia’s extreme climate! This can see them been used continuously week after week for months at a time!

This can lead to Dust and other allergens gathering on the filters and fan blades of the unit with mould and slime growing across the condensing coils spreading through the air you breath as your unit is operating.

At After Hours Plumbing we understand the importance of having a healthy environment and air quality within your home and provide to you the very latest in Sanitizing service.

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Upon Arrival our technician will:
– Remove and clean external coverings and filters of the indoor head.
-Treat the units condensing coils with our cleaning agent to break down bio slime and mould.
– Thoroughly clean and rinse the units fan blades and condensing coils with high pressure spray.
– Clean and flush of the external condenser unit of debris further improving the efficiency of the unit.
– Dry the unit leaving it ready for optimum operation.
– Test and check the unit for correct operation and test the remotes battery.


Cleaning video

Check out this great video